How to save money on your energy bills


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How to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Switch Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier has to be your first thing port of call. Research has shown that you can save more than £300 a year. Using comparison websites is a great place to start your research, these sites make their money by gaining a small comision when a customer is transferred to the energy suppliers website. Thankfully this money doesn't come out of your pocket, however it is always worth phoning the company up to check for any unadvertised deals!

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Replacing your old yellow light bulbs for bright, clean white LED bulbs is an easy way to save money. Research done by the telegraph has shown that you could save upto £240. This was based on changing 10 lightbulbs in your house. Not only is this going to save you money but you are doing your small part to help the environment, just make sure and recycle those old bulbs!

Stopping Draughts and replacing Radiators

Your heating has been on all day and the house is still cold. Does this sound like you? Believe it or not, this is all too common. And it is wasting you, the first steps you can take are to stop those draughts!

Doors and windows are the usual suspects. Using a draught excluder for gaps under your doors is the easiest way. There are endless numbers of guides to make your own if you feel craft savvy.

If these steps have not helped, then its worth checking your radiators. Over the years radiators require maintenance that, most of the time, they dont get. You should start with bleeding your radiators, if this doesn’t help then it may be time to replace your radiators. If this is you, then you can take advantage of an excuse to change them for stylish new ones, i recently changed my old white bathroom radiator with a new stainless steel, heated towel rail. I got mine from Trade Radiators.

Loft Insulation

This is an expensive way and i would recommend the previous points first, but it is an effective method to reducing that heating bill during the winter months. The average cost to get insulation fitted in a detached house comes ranges from £250 to £500. If you follow all the steps above then you will save more money that it costs to get new radiators or insulation. So it would seem like a worthy investment!