Installation Options


There are various ways that Heatwise can help you to finance your boiler. We offer finance between 6 months and 10 years on a range of boilers. You can save up to £30 per month with our boiler installation package, paying from as little as 85p per day.

Government funded

As a green approved installer we are pleased to be able to access funding through various government schemes. Energy Company Obligation (ECO) makes it possible for recipients of certain government benefits to qualify for boiler replacement scheme. Due to this scheme, people with less efficient boilers installed before 2005 can apply for an A-Grade boiler. The boiler installation is entirely free for a vast majority of applicants, nonetheless, in some cases a small contribution would be required.

Able to pay

At heat wise energy we offer replacement boilers from as little as £1700. Compare that to national companies, who charge in excess of £3,500 for a simple replacement. As local heating specialists, we’re able to offer much cheaper options for boiler replacement.

For this cost you will get.....

  • A quality installation
  • An A-rated condensing boiler with wireless controls
  • Magnetic filter which protects your boiler from sludge
  • Chemical flush
  • And peice of mind with a manufacturers warranty.
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